• Please join us to show your support.
  • Saturday 12 March
  • 14:00 - 16:00
  • Teacher: Mia Gemmecke
  • Minimum donation of just £10 with all proceeds going to this great cause. If you'd like to pay more toward the charity then please give us a ring to put through over the phone, or you can donate cash on the day.
Yoga Stops Traffick is a one day global yoga event to raise awareness and funds for survivors of human trafficking, domestic violence and child marriage in India

Every body on every mat counts in the fight against human trafficking.

You can find out more about how your support changes lives and the work of our Indian grassroots partner, Odanadi, by watching THIS short video:

Join us for this special 2 hour mandala yoga class with live music. More details to come on this soon!

Mandala yoga is a fun & creative way of practicing, where we move around the mat in a circle, sometimes facing the back or sides of the mat.
This style of yoga is based on shamanism and seeks to connect us to nature, to our body and to the present moment.
Expect a creative vinyasa flow class, with opportunities to challenge yourself as well as some grounding yin poses and a nice long savasana.
If booking for more than one person or you'd like to donate more than £10, please do so by calling 020 8993 1597. Do not book via website or the second person will not appear on the roster.