Is there anything more exciting than the first promise of spring? It’s in this season that life awakens from the cold, dreary days of winter, and the world slowly begins to warm and awaken - life begins its bloom. After the spring equinox arrives on the 20 March, the sun graces us with increasingly longer periods of illumination and we, too, are encouraged to lighten up, renew and awaken.

Finally. Whew.

Equinox means equal: Day and night have the same amount of hours; light and dark are in perfect balance. How beautiful and how inspiring to want to do the same within ourselves. However despite the arrival of spring, we can still hold onto the cold, wet and stagnant energy of the winter, so it is important to take the time to consciously align ourselves with the new season.

Spring gives us the opportunity to lead our awareness on new beginnings and perhaps new intentions. That’s what spring is all about - the triumph of light, planting new seeds both physically and metaphorically. It's a time to nourish the soul by planning new adventures, stepping into new experiences and navigating the unchartered in our life.

We also tend to feel the need to shift energy in our physical bodies - they will be craving detoxification and rejuvenation and wanting to shed the heaviness of winter hibernation habits, including eating more fuller and comforting foods. Feeling lightness physically will be encouraged by the lightness of the days and of our clothing.

It is a beautiful time to revitalize, re-open and awaken your mind, body and soul and I would love to help you do just this. I have created a special spring workshop full of nourishing twists to aid the body's detoxification process, energising inversions and balances to re-ignite the warmth and light within us and restorative forward bends to reconnect and rejuvenate.

Join me on Sat 22 Apr, 13:15-15:15 for a Spring Renewal & Detox Workshop. Bookings before 22 Mar are just £20. £25 thereafter.

Read more and book your renewal here.

Rebecca Poyurs, Yoga West Manager and yoga teacher

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