It’s been quite a year for Yoga West. As we come to the end of it we thought it would be good to update you on our plans for the studio


Firstly thank you for supporting the studio by continuing to attend classes at Yoga West and by supporting our planning application. The planning application was granted on Sept 13 and we're staying. We're obviously delighted by this. The planning fight has been going on for some time and for about a year we've not really been able to develop the studio as we wished.

The whole studio team is now working very hard to put into place our delayed plans. You'll begin to see these coming into place over the next 6 months.


We have purchased a new domain for Yoga West and will start building a new site next year. We are working with a small brand agency to refine and professionalise the Yoga West brand. We would like to include testimonials on the new site. If you're happy for us to include a testimonial from you we'd be very grateful. If so please would you send one over to James@yogaAt.com


We are working with an architect to improve the space. We hope to add in at least one shower to the studio. We will make the reception area a more comfortable place to wait and chat to us and friends before and after class. We intend to move and improve equipment storage in the studio. There will be a few other nice touches and improvements to the space.


We are working hard on our timetable. Normally we would do a big timetable update in the New Year. Our aim this time is to significantly improve our timetable at Easter. There are a couple of parts to this. We want to create deeper relationship structure with our main teachers. They are one of the key reasons you come to Yoga West. We also plan to add 2-3 more experienced teachers to help and inspire our more experienced students. We hope this will deliver greater consistency and quality of class. Updates to follow.

Cycle Parking

P.S we're asking Ealing council to put in some Sheffield stand cycle parking near the studio. Please could you help us to get this installed by emailing cycling@ealing.gov.uk and saying that you would like more cycle parking next to Yoga West at 33-34 Westpoint, Warple Way. London. W3 0RG.