For some time members have regularly commented and we have felt that our hourly pricing system no longer works for the studio.  We’ve been meaning to address this for about six months and have come up with a proposal to change the way we charge members to drop into classes or to purchase 5, 10, 30 and 10 hour off peak passes. The proposal will not impact members with monthly or annual passes.

When we set up Yoga West all our classes were an hour. Today the majority of our classes are over an hour. The hours system is opaque, leaves people with little bits of time leftover and often causes confusion. We want our pricing to be simple to operate and understand, fair and transparent.

We are proposing a new pricing system from Monday July 4 based on pricing for classes not hours. The average class (weighted for attendance) at Yoga West is now 73 minutes. This is 1.22 hours. As such to charge the same we must charge about 20-25% more for class passes than for hour passes. We want to make pricing as simple as possible so will also stop options people don’t use. We’re proposing the following:

Drop in
All classes are £15 to drop in
Community classes remain at £8

Class pricing
5 classes are £70 (£14 a class) lasts 6 months
10 classes are £125 (£12.50 a class) last 6 months
30 classes are £330 (£11 a class) last 12 months
10 classes off peak are £100 (£10 a class) last 6 months

Monthly membership and annual unchanged at £92 a month/ £995 a year
30 day unlimited £125

£25 with a £20 earlybird


When will the price change take place?
The new price structure will start on July 4. From this date onwards we will no longer sell blocks of hours but instead sell blocks of classes.

Will I be charged the same amount to attend a class at Yoga West irrespective of class length?
Yes. All classes will have a £15 drop in rate. If you attend classes with a 5,10, 30 or 10 hour off peak class pass you will be charged for one class whether you attend a 60, 75 or 90-minute class.

Why are you charging more for classes than hour passes?
The average class length at Yoga West is now 73 minutes (1.22 hours). As such to charge the same we must charge about 20-25% more for multi-class passes than for multi-hour passes. Currently the average student is only able to attend about 8 classes on a 10-hour pass. 10 classes are more expensive than 10 hours but for most students 10 classes will represent between 12 and 12.5 hours of classes so you will attend more classes than you did with your 10-hour pass.

What will happen to my old hours?
Your old hours will be converted into classes overnight on July 3/July 4. The average class is now 1.22 hours long so we can’t transfer hours to classes at a 1/1 ratio. We propose to transfer hours to classes at a ratio of 1.2 hours per class. If for example you have 6 hours this would equate to 5 classes. We will round up all figures. So for example if you have 5 hours this would be 4.17 classes, which we would round up to 5 classes. Most students will gain credit from the rounding or at the worst won’t lose out, however, students who just attend 60-minute classes might lose out. If you think this may be the case please contact James on James@yogaAt.com and we’ll try and fix this.

What happens if I just do 60-minute classes?
For students who attend a mixture of class lengths there should be no change in price paid per class. For students who just attend longer classes it will make classes at Yoga West cheaper. However, a small minority of students who only attend 60-minute classes will unfortunately pay more per class. If you have existing credit and only attend 60-minute classes please let us know and we will try to ensure you don’t lose from the conversion. If you are worried that you will pay more for future purchases please email James@yogaAt.com and we’d be happy to advise you on how to minimize this.

Will the change have any impact of my ability to purchase or book into classes?
You will not be able to make online purchases or book into classes from Friday 1 July to Sunday 3 July. You will still be able to make purchases at the studio with the exception of 5,10 and 30-hour passes, which will no longer be available in person or online after Thursday 30 June. You will still be able to make bookings over email, the phone or in person.

We hope we have been as clear as possible about our plans, however, we know you will have questions. Please don't hesitate to contact James on James@yogaAt.com with any queries you may have.