We've always hoped to grow our relationship with the local community. We're really excited to be kicking off this new initiative with Basil & Tom's, West London's family-run grocery shop.

Let us know a little about you, your profession and how you are involved in the local community?

I’m a Londoner, born in Highgate and grew up in Barnes and have lived in Acton for the last 15 years. Along with my husband Max, We own the local grocery business on Churchfield Road, called Basil & Tom’s. We opened four years a go as a complete career change for both of us – and we love what we do. It is fantastic being a visible part of the local high street, meeting so many interesting people, finding out what people like eating and about their lives, while you’re weighing their onions and aubergines.

What’s an interesting fact some might not know about you?

Before having a grocery business, I worked for over 20 years for Sky television overseeing their TV publicity. So, my life today is quite different, I’m on my feet, stocking shelves, serving customers, buying products and preparing food. A world away from writing press releases, talking to journalists and attending lots of meetings.

What do you love about the local community?

Acton feels more like a village in West London. People are so friendly, and the community spirit is strong and growing. I love the fact that while more people are moving here from other areas, Acton still feels diverse with different people living side by side.

What wellness practices do you partake in?

I have practiced Yoga since my twenties, but after having children I got out of the habit. So, after a ten-year break, I have come back to it at Yoga West and I’m loving it. Although realizing my fifty-year-old self should approach it differently. And I find the silence and the breathing more enticing these days.

What gives you the most pleasure in your life?

Sitting down to a delicious supper with my husband (who does most of the cooking) and two sons, chatting about the day and enjoying a good glass of wine.

Parting words or advice:

Don’t be afraid to try new things and don’t get stuck in a rut.

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