We have a fantastic timetable starting from Monday 3 September. It features more classes for several of your and our favourite teachers including Brodie, Austin, Raphan and Ines. New mums and mums who did Rebecca Tieken’s pregnancy class will be delighted that she is taking on a post-natal class.

Brodie is taking over Toni’s Saturday morning classes. He will take the 10am level 2 Vinyasa class and the 11:45 Basics class also on Saturday morning. We’re delighted to give more classes to such a fantastic teacher.

Austin is going to take another class on a Tuesday morning and his Sunday class will change. He will take a flow and restore class on Tuesday from 8-9am. A perfect, mindful way to get into your body at the start of the day. This class will replace Jess’ 8am Monday class, which we will no longer run. Austin’s Sunday class is also changing from a level 2 class to a level 1-2 class. The class will continue to be dynamic but will be more accessible to newer students.

Ines has done a great job building her Friday 6:45am and Saturday 6:45pm classes. From next week she will add a 6:45am Monday Vinyasa 1-2 class as well. We’re very excited to have her take this class.

Raphan is also taking on another space and flow class on Sunday building on his Thursday morning and Monday evening classes. We’re delighted to have another class for such a great, knowledgeable teacher.

Yoga West teacher and midwife Rebecca Tieken’s will take her first post-natal class at 10:55 on a Monday.

Jess Wood is moving her Monday class from 06:45am to 1:15pm.
Lastly but not least Yasmine Say is taking her first class at the studio. From the end of September she will take on the 3:30pm Saturday Pilates class

See below for a full update of the new classes. Plus all of the classes we stopped over the summer are also returning next week.

6:45 Vinyasa Flow. Ines taking over from Jess W
08:00. Cancelled
10:55 Parent and baby. Rebecca taking over from Toni F
13:15 Vinyasa Flow. Jess W taking over from Toni F

Austin: 08:00 Flow and Yin (new class)

10:00 Vinyasa Flow Level 2. Brodie taking over from Toni F
11:45 Basics. Brodie taking over from Toni F
15:30 Pilates. Yasmine taking over from Symeon

10:00 Vinyasa Flow Level 1-2. Austin class changing from being a level 2 to being a level 1-2 class
14:00 Space and Flow Level 1-2. Raphan taking over this class and it becomes a Space and Flow class