Asana with Jeff (6 hours): Transform your practice and alignment. Understanding the principles of alignment and how to apply these to your practice. Working through how to align properly the 20 asanas you practice most. Learning the Sanskrit for the asana you practice most often. 

Sequencing and Self Practice with Jeff (3 hours) : How to build your own home practice. Jeff shares his experience of how he has developed a home practice. He’ll share his building blocks for creating a home practice and helping you to manage some of the obstacles you’ll meet on the way. 

An Introduction to the Anatomy of Yoga with Cal: (3 hours): Cal will teach you the principles of anatomy, how to better understand your body and what happens to your body when you practice. 

Yoga Philosophy and Ethics with Christian (3 hours): Learn the philosophical underpinnings of your yoga practice with Christian, how yoga emerged and how to apply these sophisticated and powerful ideas to your life, practice, work and relationships. 

Building a Regular Meditation Practice with Pete: (3 hours): Learn and practice 3 basic meditation practices, understand the science that explains the impact of these practices. Identify the most common obstacles to building a long-term practice and how to overcome these. 

Harnessing The Transformational Powers Of Yoga and Meditation  In The Rest Of Your Life with Veronika: (3 hours) Psychotherapist, Yoga and Meditation teacher will teach the science of change, the embodied mind, the power of yoga in change and personal identity. 


  • Online Exercises And Exercises (4.5 hours) covering the topics covered in the training 
  • Essay Spend 90 minutes on an essay based on your studies in the training 


Fri 5:30-8:30 with Jeff: Introduction, course overview, what is yoga, the principles of alignment, practicing alignment 

Sat 8:30-1pm with Jeff: Practicing alignment. Creating sequencing. 

Sat: 2pm-6:30pm: with Jeff: Practicing alignment, Basic sanskrit, Beginning to teach, Q&A 

Sun 8:30-11:30am with Chris: Applying the philosophy of yoga to your life with Christian, Philosophy Q&A 

Sun 12:15-3:30pm with Pete: How to build a lifelong meditation practice with Pete, Q&A 

Sun 4:00-6:00pm with Jeff: Asana summary, Q&A, How to apply what you’ve learnt to your life, Closing ceremony 

One to two weeks after intensive: 3 hour Livestream review of work, Q&A and next steps with Jeff 


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