Yoga West Foundation Course

Many yoga students are taken aback by the impact their yoga practice has on their life. It changes their state of mind, the way they interact with themselves, their bodies, and the world around them. It empowers them to live  authentically, making the best chocies for them. It puts them on a path of lifelong growth. But many students get stuck in a routine, bored and lacking in inspiration. Sometimes this means they temporarily, or even permanently, stop the practice they love.  

The Yoga West Yoga Foundation Course is an opportunity to enhance you yoga practice and your life; to find where you are now, and to plant the seeds for future growth. The course may appeal to you if you would like to re-awaken your love of yoga practice. For others this course may be a first step toward a longer yoga training journey, which may well include teacher training. 

Who is the course aimed at? 

The course is aimed at people who have practised yoga regularly for at least 6 months and who have resonated with the practice in a way that has awakened their curiosity to delve further. They could be a relatively new student. They could also be someone who has practiced for a long time without ever really deepening their practice. Whoever you are, whatever your experience, you will want to explore how yoga can continue to influence your life.

What is included in the training? 

Asana: How to practice, align and understand the asana most commonly practised. 

Sequencing: How to begin to create your own sequences.

The Anatomy Of Yoga: Examining how your body works when you are practising asana.

Yoga PhilosophyExploring the philosophy that underpins your yoga and how to apply it to your life.

Meditation and Pranayama: How to create a regular meditation and pranayama practice. 

Personal Growth: How to live a life of continuous growth.

Below you'll find a film with one of our lead teachers Jeff Phenix chatting a little more about the course.


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