How did you get into gong meditation?

Through my love for music and yoga. From Bringing the two together came the Gong bath meditation. It's all very simple and sort of came naturally. The way it has been so quickly adopted by my clients from all over the world is a testament to how potent the practice is.

How has it changed you?

It has made me more attentive, focused and far less interested in controlling what happens around me. I think the vibrations of the gongs do have this way of cutting through any false sense of self and identity. It makes you simpler in good and many ways.

How do you approach taking a gong workshop?

I have been fortunate enough to have learned at the source, both in gong therapy (Don Conreaux) and yoga (with Yogi Ashokananda) and have been teaching/practising for some years now so my only approach is based on total presence and intuition. I have the tools but I don't necessarily know what is going to come out of the box until I open my mouth.

How does it change your students/ affect the people who attend the workshops?

From what I gather, they all experience in one way or another altered states of consciousness and sensations that come through homeostasis, when all the body systems come together and work in unison. There is also less stress, emotional release and therefore major transformations.

Do you have a favourite quote?

''Where attention goes, energy flows''

Is there anything else people should know about you?

I am a kind and understanding therapist who loves to hold a space that feels welcoming and safe to everybody. I am a giver.

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“London’s foremost gong master” The Times