We’re delighted to welcome Stephanie Bryan to the Yoga West team.

As I’m sure you know Becs is pregnant and due in October. Her last day at the studio before her maternity leave will be in early September. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Becs for everything she has done over the last 2-and-a-half years. Yoga West would be so much less than it is now if we hadn’t had the great fortune of her joining us in 2015.

Stephanie is formally starting on August 14. We’ve known her for several years as both a studio member and as the deputy head at Ark Byron where we organise weekly classes for pupils and staff. We had applications from people with far greater yoga studio experience for the maternity cover role; however, from the moment Stephanie applied we knew that she was the person we wanted to take the role. As with Becs, we feel we are so so lucky to have such an impressive, friendly and dynamic individual joining our team and we hope she will remain a part of our team for a long time after Becs finishes her maternity leave.

Stephanie will be at the studio party on Sunday 13 August. Many of you probably already recognise her from class already but we’d love you to join us and welcome her to the team.