This week we introduce you Amy - a Jivamutki and Vinyasa flow yoga teacher on the Yoga West team. Join her classes on the following days:

Tues: Jivamukti 9:30-10:45;

Wed: Vinyasa 12:05-13:05, Jivamukti 13:15-14:15

A London based teacher originally from New Zealand, Amy is passionate about yoga and how it has the ability to touch and transform lives.

Having always been a fitness junkie, her yoga journey began with Bikram in 2005 and has led to an ever-evolving practice. Previously working in the design industry in interior architecture, she saw the benefits of her yoga practice on her incredibly stressful and fast paced lifestyle which led her to pursue teaching to be able to share this with others.

How did you get into yoga?

I was drawn to yoga as I have always had a love for fitness and was looking for something to compliment my gym obsession. I started with bikram in 2005 for 8 years and was captivated by his method and then was introduced to vinyasa and was lead down a completely different path then I ever expected. This was something else that took me much deeper into a more meditative breath based practice and then Jivamukti kind of just landed in my lap with a moment of serendipity that lead me to take the training.

Was there a moment when you released you wanted to pursue yoga seriously? 

When I felt and saw what yoga did for me on all levels. The freedom, power and grounding it has instilled in me physically, emotionally and mentally. I wanted to share this with others and design my life around it. I saw an opportunity to live a life working with something I am super passionate about that lights me up every time I teach, as much as when I practice.

How has yoga changed you?

My yoga practice has changed the way I look at the world and myself. It has instilled in me a sense of fearlessness. I constantly find myself looking for the next opportunity to step out of my comfort zone with courage and grounding that I never had before I started practicing.

What is your advice to people considering starting yoga?

Try to let go of comparison. We are all on our own journey with this practice of yoga and the person next to you with a seemingly perfect practice has ups and down just like you. We are all the same. We all start with nothing and build from there in any thing in life and yoga is exactly like this too. Good things don't come easily that is for sure and if you stick with it and carve out a regular practice for yourself you will see the results. This will change your life for the better ON ALL LEVELS, go for it!! "Practice and all is coming" Guruji K. Pattabhi Jois

Is there a favourite quote you like or try to live by?

"Be kind where ever possible and it is always possible" Dalai Lama. This quote is really beautiful and so important.

What is your approach to teaching?

I like to layer my classes with different readings, spoken word, mantra, music, mantra, scent, breathing technique and of course a strong sequence of asana. This is all to enrich the experience that the students have in the class. I aim for the class to be a multi dimensional learning experience. All of this I have learnt through the Jivamukti Method of teaching which I was drawn to for its intellectual depth and magical carpet ride qualities. I like to take an all inclusive approach. I teach in a style that is challenging for intermediate/advanced students and with options for more beginner practitioners. I believe in nurturing students towards a place of inner grounding and connection that hopefully leads to being able to step off the mat a little more enlightened and connected to them selves and the world through every experience.

Is there anything else outside yoga you would like to share that is interesting?

I grew up in a little town in NZ very typically on a kiwifruit orchard so I love to be outside more then in, nature fills me up. The beach is where I feel most alive BUT I was scared of the water from when I was very young due to a few different experiences namely unsupervised viewing of the film Jaws when I was 7 and and unfortunate visit to the Jaws ride at universal studios (I have no idea what my parents were thinking haha). This was up until last year when I learnt to surf in Costa Rica and then Sri Lanka through the courage I gained through my yoga practice! Is that outside yoga?...well almost!