Laura has 8 years experience teaching Yoga, Pilates, and mindfulness. Her classes are dynamic and playful. She explores alignment and core activation to challenge and deepen even the most basic poses. She loves music and updates her playlists weekly.

You can join her Vinyasa Flow classes on Fridays at 6:45am.

How did you get into yoga?

I was first drawn to Yoga when I discovered it's potential as a healing tool for my little sister's disability. It opened my eyes to how this practice could build confidence, and improve strength and mobility no matter what your ability or life history. It seemed like a total miracle to me.

Was there a moment when you realised you wanted to pursue yoga seriously? 

I remember the moment to the day - I had spent exactly 1 year in a high pressure marketing job, and suddenly realised I hadn't really enjoyed, or done anything interesting with an entire year of my life. I decided I didn't want to spend every year of my life that way, so I handed in my notice that day to set up as a full time Yoga & Pilates instructor. I had no money and no idea what I was doing, but it turned out to be the best decision I ever made!

How has yoga changed you?

Yoga doesn't change you, it connects you. Connects you to your body, to your mental health, and to those around you. The more I practice the more connected I feel; the more connected I feel the more I practice! It's like a lovely positive feedback loop!

What’s your advice to people considering starting yoga?

Yoga can be daunting when you first start out, everyone seems to know what they're doing, throwing crazy shapes around and there's even an entire new language involved! The point of the practice, however, is just that - to practice. Everyone is encouraged to just enjoy where they're at, and unlike most fitness classes there are usually modifications given to open up a class for all abilities. Different people have different strengths and weakness in their practice, it's about discovering yours, and being patient. The Yogis who look like they know what they're doing only look like that because they practice ALL the time. Confidence and fluidity comes much quicker than you think; just stick with it.

What is your approach to teaching?

I teach a non-dogmatic, exploratory dynamic class; with an emphasis on anatomy and alignment (feeding in from my Pilates background). I like powerful thoughtful movements, I like strength and stability, and I like great fresh urban music.

Is there anything else outside yoga that would be interesting to share?

I practice high-board diving every week at the Tom Daley academy and love a bit of climbing. My happy place is anywhere walking my puppy, Rusty. I've ridden a motorbike around Japan and dream about riding the full length of America, north and south, some day...

What is your favourite yoga related quote?

"I'm going to my Yoga class to calm down from the unbearable stress of getting to my Yoga class on time"