You may have seen this fun loving face behind the desk or next you on the mat in classes at the studio!

YW 2

At Yoga West,  we pride ourselves on having a team that are practicing yogis and who hold a deep love for yoga and well-being. Our lovely receptionist Clara is one these people and we wanted to share a little more about her journey through yoga and to Yoga West.

How did you get into yoga?

A friend of mine insisted on me coming to a class with her. I was reluctant at first as had once practice and didn't enjoy it when I was 18. She was very persistent and I will forever be grateful.

It still amazes me what an important role our mind plays in our practice.  At 18 my head was busy and too adamant to listen. Thankfully at 24 I was ready to shut it down and create space for something new.

Was there a moment when you realised that you wanted to pursue yoga seriously?

One day I was on my way to the studio and I suddenly realised how happy I was. I felt peaceful and I understood that for once, I was in control. In control of my feelings and emotions and the insight that only I am responsible for my life.

I understood straight away what a beautiful world it would be if only we all decided to be happy. How could I not share it?

How has yoga changed you?

It changes me in the most wonderful and peaceful ways by enabling me to be aware and perceive the world and its experiences for what they really are and from there, to think, and to feel truthfully.

Advice to people considering it?

Stop considering it. We fill our heads with questions, possibilities, dreams… Stop living in your head and live in the here and now. Do yoga. If you like it, you soon will know your way; If you don’t like it, at least you will be able to get rid of the thought and create space for something new.

My favourite quote as a yogi:

This is not a yoga quote but it does resonate with me in many ways.

“This too shall pass