How did you get into yoga? 
I had tried to get into yoga for years on and off but could never make it stick. Around 5 years ago a dear friend took me to a Yin Class. Everything about my life was intense I was I raced around at 100 miles an hour with my feet barely touching the floor. When I worked out it was fast paced boxing, spinning, running. Always on call for my job. In the Yin practice I felt my connection to the earth and my body for what felt like the first time, a softening and an opening was happening. That class really changed my life as I knew it…..
Was there a moment that you knew that you wanted to pursue yoga more seriously? 
Not a specific moment, but having some time in India at the start of 2020 made me committed to beginning the path of the teacher.
How has yoga changed you? 
Wow what a question, in ways that I have no words for, yet all the words. This wisdom tradition continues to reveal more of the truth of who I am and who I have always been in every moment. My capacity to be with life in all of its lifeyness meeting every moment as it is is a gift I continue to be astonished by every breath.
Any advice to people considering it?
Yoga is for Everybody. The myth of needing to be a certain size or shape or to be flexible is one that I am deeply committed to shifting the narrative around.  Explore different teachers and styles until you find one that sticks. This practice will change your life in ways beyond your wildest dreams.
My favourite quote as a yogi 
From the Bhagavad Gita
“On this Path
No effort is wasted,
no gain is reversed
Even a little of this practice shall shelter you from great sorrow”