''The first 4 days of my 30 day Yoga challenge were spent on a yoga retreat, with Jess Wood and 6 other yogis, in the Lake District. Being surrounded by water, mountains, clean air and amazing food, beautiful people and practising meditation, breath work, yoga (vinyasa and yin) every day was a beautiful experience. By the end, I was feeling quite physically tired, however not mentally. Upon returning to London, i felt refreshed, energised, happy, calm, grounded.
The reason I took this challenge on is only because I wanted to use it as a way to get down to the studio every day. I love practicing yoga and I am finding the more regularly I practice, the more body confident I am; I am seeing improvements in my strength, flexibility, and capabilities during class.
I am finding it quite easy so far, as I am mixing my classes up; doing Vinyasa 5 times a week, and have 2 days of a slow flow, or yin for restorative reasons. (I do also live 60 seconds from the studio so there's no excuse to miss a day of yoga, is there?)
Being a relatively new member, I am still finding every class taught by the excellent teachers exciting and new, so this helps with my motivation.
The only challenge I've found is getting to the studio when I am feeling physically exhausted or run down. If i need to do a morning session after a challenging evening class, its a bit of a struggle to hold, balance, focus, in a pose.
Overall the challenge, so far, is going great. I'm keeping my routine quite strict throughout the month to achieve this goal.''