A brand new Yoga Studio is born in Herne Hill, South London. Daisy Starrs is a long-term member of Yoga West run by James. She remembers speaking to James on the phone on the opening day of the Yoga West Studio. He was friendly, calm and welcoming. Now she has opened her own Studio in Herne Hill. This is how it happened.

Daisy had been practicing yoga by herself studying simple movements from an illustrated book. The first class that she went to at Yoga West was a revelation. She had been doing everything wrong! She studied the students all about her and was amazed at what they were achieving. The flexibility, the strength, the balance that was inherent in their movements was very inspiring.

Since her conversion to organized Yoga classes at Yoga West, Daisy feels different; physically, better and more positive. Being of a certain age, it is wonderful to feel so strong. Daisy truly values the instructors who have shared their knowledge with her. Perhaps she could offer something similar to others in a welcoming space?

Daisy runs a thriving Baby Swimming company; infant swimming courses in small, private Hydrotherapy pools. The babies love it and the parents love it. They learn to swim underwater unaided before their first year is out. It’s a beautiful thing.

The South London baby-swimming venue is in a special school - a fabulous light, airy modern building in Herne Hill. Whilst setting up the swimming classes Daisy took the tour and noted the school’s drama and performance room, a lovely sprung floor studio on the second floor, empty and free on evenings and weekends.

She has become friends with the head teacher. Maybe the school would like to make outside hire use of this lovely marvellous space? You bet they would. Yoga has changed Daisy’s life. Starting with the fabulous Yoga West studio in Acton, yoga has become part of her wellness routine, mind and body.

She was not sure that she wanted to launch a Yoga studio herself. Sure, Yoga is fantastic as a pastime and a marvelous source of energy. But open a Studio? It is after all a business and has complexities and challenges like any other business.

But it has been a wonderful experience. Daisy feels really happy that she is providing a place where yoga can be taught. The business seems to flow with its own grace and energy.