We're delighted to announce that we will launch a new timetable at Yoga West from May 7 onward. We've added a number of new classes and several new teachers including a number of more experienced teaches Raphan, Jeff and Amy. The timetable is included in this blog and has been updated on our website for you to view and book.

Highlights of the timetable include:

  1. Two Space and flow classes for Raphan Kebe. Space and flow is a system of yoga created by Raphan after years of studying yoga, choreography and somatic practices. In every space and flow class you create a sequence gradually through the class and then practice this investigating the ground and balance, the spine, the breath and their sensorial qualities. Raphan gives his students incredible body awareness and a sense of the present. We've loved his classes for years and would like to encourage as many of the students to try them as possible. They are essentially a more fluid type of vinyasa flow.
  2. A second class every week for Jeff Phenix. Jeff will take a 12:05-13:05 vinyasa flow 1-2 class every Tuesday. Jeff is one of the most experienced and well-respected yoga teachers and teacher trainers in London and we're delighted to have him at the studio
  3. We are offering 6 Jivamukti classes every week. As well as Huma's classes Amy McDonald is taking 3 classes every week including 2 Jiva classes and Danni is taking 2 others. Amy is a very experienced Jivamukti teacher with over 1,000 hours of Jiva teaching experience. Her classes are delivered softly but challenging. Jivamukti is a particularly powerful and compelling type of Vinyasa flow that we are confident all fans of dynamic classes will love...
  4. Hermione will stop Saturday mornings and will start two new Tuesday evening classes Toni is taking over her Saturday morning double.
  5. Sascha is back after maternity and teaching 4 classes a week including 2 post-natal classes and a pregnancy class.
  6. We are gradually rolling out daily 8am classes. These are all slower classes for people who don't want such a dynamic, early start to the week but want to wake up gradually and start their day more gently. We've added a flow and restorative class with Jess Leitch every Friday at 8am.
  7. Austin will swap his 4pm vinyasa on Thurs for a 6:45pm slot and is also taking over the 10am Sunday level 2 class.
  8. Ines is starting 2 new vinyasa classes. She trialled recently and her trial was outstanding. She has a very gentle soft personality but her classes are dynamic and challenging with fantastic adjustments and great music.
  9. Alex Blanchflower, one of our most popular teachers ever, is back to teach Ashtanga on a Saturday morning and Friday afternoon.

We'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback and look forward to seeing you even more often at the studio..

You can download the new timetable as PDF here.

The Yoga West Team...