Why Start Yoga?

Watch this short film with Yoga West owner James on what yoga is, its benefits for beginners and how to get started at Yoga West.

How To Start at Yoga West

30 day new joiner offer

If you are new to yoga the best way to start at Yoga West is with one of our 4 or 6-week beginners courses. These run throughout the year and a list of beginners courses scheduled for 2021 is below. Click on the course that suits you and follow the link to register for it.

" Life is a huge yoga mat, on which you can practice the most advanced posture of the mind – equanimity."

- Swami Mukti

new joiner offer

30 day new joiner offer

If you are unable to attend one of these courses the next best option is to start off at the studio with one of our 30 days for £50 class passes. This allows you to attend classes at the studio for a period of 30 days. You can attend all classes. This is great for trying out our classes.

We recommend you start off with our level 1 classes (Basics, Slow Flow, Yin and Flow and Yin). If you are fit you could also try some of our level 1-2 classes as well.  The 30 days for £50 pass is only available to new joiners on their first visit and runs from the date you first attend Yoga West not the date of purchase.

Upcoming Beginners Courses in 2021

Yoga Beginner's Course

 6 Weeks


08/07/2021 - 12/08/2021


Thursdays 20:00 - 21:15


Yoga Beginner's Course

6 Weeks


09/09/2021 - 14/10/2021


Thursdays 20:00 - 21:15


Yoga Beginner's Course

6 Weeks


04/11/2021 - 09/12/2021


Thursdays 20:00 - 21:15



Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not flexible
You don’t need to be able to touch your toes to do yoga. In fact not being able to touch your toes is a good reason to start. The more yoga you do the more flexible you’ll become. You are your own best teacher when it comes to practicing yoga, so please always listen to your body, work around your own abilities and not beyond them and try not to worry too much about what the person on the mat next to you is doing.
I’m not very fit
We offer a levelling system to help students choose the right classes. All classes are different and the levels are only a guide, however, higher-level classes tend to be both more physically demanding and also introduce more advance practices such as pranayama (breath work) and yoga philosophy. If you’re concerned about your fitness start off with our level 1 classes initially (Basics, Slow flow, Yin and flow and Yin).
Can I do a few privates first?

Of course! We offer private and corporate yoga programs all over London so it’s easy to schedule a few privates. We find many new students benefit both in terms of confidence and knowing the basics from starting off with a few one-on-ones with a teacher and are then ready and confident to attend regular classes. We can organise these to take place at the studio (schedule permitting) or at a time and place of your choice. We charge £90 for privates at the studio and for privates at a place of your choosing. Please call or email the studio to book in.

I’ve not done yoga before
Don’t worry. One of the founding principles of Yoga West is that yoga should be accessible for all people irrespective of experience. For info on the best ways to start at Yoga West see the paragraph above on “How to Start Yoga.”
Do I need to book in advance?
About half of our students book in advance and about half simply turn up. It’s simple to book in advance using the MindBody App or via our site. You normally don’t need to book in advance, however, for weekday evening classes and Saturday and Sunday morning classes it’s not a bad idea to do so.
I’m pregnant


Pregnancy classes have the same pricing options as other classes. However you should fill in the separate PRE NATAL REGISTRATION FORM. Existing customers who have previously filled a non-pregnancy registration form and who wish to begin attending a pregnancy form must also complete a PRE NATAL REGISTRATION FORM. Please ask for one at reception.

The studio’s policy is that pregnant woman should not attend classes in their first trimester unless that have spoken to their doctor and have received the OK to do so. Women in their second and third trimester can attend pregnancy classes. These are Thursdays at 5pm with Pavlina. 

If you have an existing practice and no complications in your pregnancy and are in your second trimester there are a number of “pregnancy-friendly” slow flow classes you may attend. Please email us in advance before doing so.

If you would like to attend other classes please email the studio about your pregnancy, yoga experience and which classes you would like to attend. We will then check in with our teachers and confirmed if they are ok for you to attend.

Please don’t hesitate to call or hesitate with any queries or questions. We look forward to seeing you in class.

What should I bring?

Just bring yourself and wear what you would wear to the gym or on a run minus the socks and trainers. We suggest you bring your own mat. Some people also use a yoga towel. If you would like your own mat and towel you can buy them from our shop online here or at the studio. We also sell special bundles of equipment online and in store to help you get started.

Which classes should I do?
We offer a levelling system at the studio. If you go to our timetable here and click on the class descriptions you should get a sense of class levels and intensity. We offer three levels of classes. Basics, Slow Flow, Yin and Flow and Yin classes are level 1. These classes are more foundational and tend to focus more on correct alignment than delivering a dynamic workout. We also offer Vinyasa Flow classes, Ashtanga and a couple of the longer Slow Flow classes, which are level 1-2. These classes can accommodate less experienced students but tend to be more physically demanding and challenging. Finally we have Jivamukti and Vinyasa Flow level 2 classes, which are level 2, we suggest that students have at least 6-12 months experience of yoga before attending these classes.
Do you have showers?
Sadly no showers but we do have changing rooms and offer towel rental.
Who comes to the studio?
Everyone… we have a range of people of different ages, shapes, sizes, backgrounds and professions who come to Yoga West from 20-year old musicians to retired doctors. We’re a very diverse group united by an understanding that stepping onto our yoga mat on a regular basis makes our lives healthier and happier.
How do I find you?
For information on how to find us please go to our Find Us page.
When are you open?

We run classes throughout most of the day all week long.

Monday-Friday we start offering classes from 6:45am in the morning and end our classes around 9pm.

At the weekend we start offering classes from 8:30am and end our classes around 6.30pm.

If we’ve missed anything please give us a call.



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