Balance can be hard to find in today’s fast–paced world. At Positivitea London, they believe in the three Ps – being PRESENT, believing everything is POSSIBLE and remaining POSITIVE. They also believe in harnessing the healing power of herbs to help balance and heal the chakras - the energy centres of the body - for a healthier and happier way of life.

They also believe in the chakras, the energy centres of the body. For thousand of years they have been used as spiritual guidelines for wellbeing and are said to be directly connected to the health of the physical body and mind. When they are balanced you feel positive, healthy and happy.

By harnessing the healing power of herbs, each tea within the Positivitea range has been specifically blended to help the smooth running of the organs associated with a particular chakra or counteract the ailments associated with its imbalance.  

We just love their philosophy and we have found these to teas to be great way to support your yoga practice and general well-being!  We are happy to now be stocking the full range of their delicious teas for your warming and healing tea fix, so have a browse on your next visit to the studio. We hope you enjoy them!