This Christmas Yoga West is launching its very own Artisan Christmas Market. Our mini market will run from 1st to 23rd December and will offer a range of Christmas gifts and stocking fillers all handmade by Yoga West teachers and students.
From mala beads to mat bags there'll be something unique on offer to suit every yogi. It's a chance to celebrate the creative talents of our community and to gift something singularly beautiful to a loved one at Christmas (or just to yourself - self-love is very much encouraged!).  We are so proud to be able to showcase what our teachers and students have created and hope you enjoy admiring their gifts before, after or in between classes.
We thought it would be nice to include profiles of two of our artisans.
Laura Spritz
Laura Colucci: Yoga West Teacher
Laura is a well-loved Yoga West teacher specialising in pre and post-natal yoga. Laura most enjoys teaching  restorative forms of yoga and understands the power of creating the perfect environment to relax in. When she's not teaching Laura hand-makes atmosphere mist room sprays made from organic ingredients and aromatherapy oils.
She has spent time carefully experimenting to find the right balance of ingredients to either reawaken or relax the senses. Revival, Purify, Relax, Sleep, Bump Blend (for pregnancy) each have a unique scent and can be used safe in the knowledge that there are zero toxic ingredients lurking in their bottles.
Laura also hand-makes eye cushions for the ultimate home relaxation experience (if you don't yet know what an eye cushion is, trust us, you need one in your life). These restorative cushions are filled with dried lavender, chamomile, buck wheat and linseed and are encapsulated by a removable, washable Liberty print fabric cover.
The use of aromatherapy, be it through an atmosphere mist or a scented eye cushion, is just another way to stay grounded and find calm at a busy time of year. Join us from the 1st to the 23rd to explore Laura's grounding mists and eye pillows for yourself.
Katie Johnson Mala
Katie Johnson: Yoga West Student
A yoga teacher and artisan jewellery maker Katie starts each new mala making process by selecting beautiful crystals with complementary properties. Incorporating the mala bead making into her daily mindfulness practice Katie then experiments until she finds a combination and arrangement of crystals that is visually stunning and deeply healing.
As a yoga teacher and meditation practitioner Katie considers jewellery making to be an extension of her meditation practice. Katie finds a deep sense of enjoyment and satisfaction in sharing the mala beads she has put so much time, attention and love into.
Katie has created eight different styles of mala beads to be sold at the Yoga West Artisan Christmas Market. Each necklace is a beautiful adornment but also the perfect accompaniment to mala-supported meditation. Come and try out Katie's handmade malas for yourself. Each style of mala bead can be pre-ordered ready for collection before Christmas Day.