How did you get in to yoga?

I started practising yoga in 2007 after I moved to London and my flat mate took me to a yoga class because she thought I needed it while living in London. And ever since I was hooked and couldn’t get enough of yoga and the holistic approach in general. Yoga helped me to appreciate the deep connection between body, mind and soul in a way I never did before.

In April 2010 I left the Financial Services sector due to reorganisational changes, and I realised that now is the time I was waiting for, the time to transform my life. I took a sabbatical and practiced yoga every day for 4 months. I then decided that I want to deepen this knowledge in India, the place of origin of Yoga & Ayurveda. I was fortunate and still feel blessed for all the lovely experiences I made during my trip and also for my studies in India and Thailand.

Was there a moment when you realised that you wanted to pursue yoga seriously?

Yes, from the moment I stepped onto the mat the first time in London. I wanted to learn and know everything about yoga and attended workshops and trainings - I was a yoga addict. However, the step to become a yoga teacher happened much later, only after my trip to India and after I finished my second yoga teacher training. When a friend asked me to cover last minute for her, I was thrown into the opportunity to teach in front of a large group and really enjoyed it. After that class I knew I want to teach.

How has yoga changed you?

Through Yoga I learnt to create a relationship with my breath, my body got stronger, my overall health improved, my backache as well as my constant headaches/migraines were gone and I found more peace and emotional stability.

When I found Yin Yoga, I entered another dimension of yoga. The combination of stretching slowly and passively into the connective tissues while being in a meditative state was peaceful, healing and grounding. It felt so different and I realised how much my body was craving such a practice. Moving from yang into yin slowed down my whole life…

What is your approach to teaching?

Yoga is for everyone and so I welcome everyone to my classes whether it is Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow or Yin Yoga. In my classes you will get your space and the variations that suit your needs. I focus a lot on the breath and proper alignment in my Yang classes however in Yin Yoga I let you sink into your pose and allow your body to unfold naturally. I like to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere in my classes, and often get feedback that my low and calm voice is very soothing.

What advice would you give to people who are considering taking up yoga?

Find a space where you feel comfortable. This can be a studio, a teacher that makes you feel comfortable or can be attending a class with a friend as I started my yoga journey. I was not necessarily confident to show up at a yoga studio, so knowing I have a friend with me helped me a lot.

Once you have that ‘comfort’ know that the yoga mat is your space for your practice and there is no competition, no comparison and no judgment. What matters is your own journey and how you feel and experience your practice.

Do you have a favourite yoga quote?

“Yoga is the Journey of the Self, through the Self, to the Self.” Bhagavad Gita

Is there anything outside your yoga that people should know?

When not on the yoga mat, you find me either in a park, by the water grounding and enjoying nature or giving someone a massage. Next to teaching yoga, giving massages is my other passion and a great way to connect and share. I am trained in Ayurveda Oil Massages to relax and in Thai Yoga Massages, a more therapeutic bodywork approach.

Join Patricia every Friday for Yin Yoga, 19:30 - 20:45. Book your class here.