Please find below our detailed re-opening processes. We look forward to welcoming you all back to practice safely and confidently in the very near future:

Yoga West New Arrival And Departure Processes

  • We will allow students into the building from 10 minutes before classes start.
  • Please do not attend classes in person if you or any member of your household shows symptoms of COVID-19. Students showing symptoms will be asked to leave the studio.
  • Students must enter the building one at a time to ensure social distancing is respected at all times.
  • Students must wear a mask from the moment they enter the building until they leave. Students may only take their mask off when on their mat and practicing.
  • Students must remove shoes by the unit door and leave shoes by the shoe rack next to the entrance. No shoes will be allowed in the reception or studio space.
  • Once you have removed your shoes, please immediately sanitize your hands.
  • The reception floor will be marked with social distancing stickers; students must adhere to the social distancing guidance at all times.
  • Once at reception, students will be asked to say their name to be signed in.
  • Temperature checks will also be done at the reception desk
  • All belongings must be placed in a bag and taken to the studio to be placed alongside your mat
  • Please ensure you bring a large enough bag into which you can put all your belongings
  • Once in the studio, students must fill the spaces closest to the windows with the last students filling the space next to the door following the floor markings provided.
  • We encourage students to not leave their mats during the practice unless strictly necessary.
  • At the end of the class students must collect their belongings and leave the studio in an orderly manner. The students close to the door will leave first and those by the windows will leave last.
  • Students should sanitise their hands as they leave the studio and every time they enter and leave the studio space
  • All students must leave the building within 10 minutes after the end of the class.
  • Students should not use the toilets for hand washing but please use the available hand sanitizer only.
  • Toilets will be available if strictly necessary but usage between classes will slow the ability of other students to depart or arrive and therefore we strongly recommend limiting toilet usage wherever possible.
  • Please sanitise your hands before and after you use the toilet.

Booking, Payment And Class Availability

  • All studio and online classes must be booked and paid for in advance at least 15 minutes before the start of the class
  • Unfortunately students who arrive without booking will not be allowed to attend classes even if there is space
  • The studio shop is closed but students can purchase items online and collect at the studio
  • In studio classes can be booked up to three weeks in advance
  • Online classes can be booked at any time in advance
  • To ensure studio spaces are respected and available, in studio cancellations will be accepted up to 4 hours previous to the start of the class. Later cancellations will be charged
  • In studio classes will be limited to 16 students plus teacher.
  • If the class is fully booked there will be a waiting list available. Students can see their position on the waiting list and will be notified if they gain a space at least 12 hours before the start of the class.
  • Initially there will be no class rationing, however, if students are constantly unable to attend peak classes we will ration the number of times per week each student can attend peak classes to ensure all students have a chance to practice at the studio.

Cleaning Protocols

  • The studio has been professionally deep cleaned during the redecoration
  • Studio cleaning will take place after every class once all students have left the premises.
    • All floors and surfaces will be wiped with antiviral Dettol.
    • Floors will be cleaned with Dettol wipes on a mop stick.
    • Surfaces will be sprayed with Dettol and wiped with blue paper.
    • All common touch areas will be cleaned including the following:
      • Studio door handle
      • Studio music system
      • Studio diffuser
      • Reception desk
      • Studio door inside and outside
      • Toilet handles inside and outside
      • Toilet taps
      • Lavatories
      • Bins
      • Shoe rack
      • Flyer rack (not currently stocked with flyers)
    • In depth studio cleaning will take place regularly once the studio is closed at night

Adjusting, Mat and Prop Usage

  • Teachers will remain on their mats for the duration of the class.
  • Students must also remain on their mats until they are instructed to leave their mats.
  • There will be no hands on assisting.
  • There will be no mats, props or towels available at the studio, initially.
  • All students must bring their own mat, props, towel, although initially there will be no mat storage facilities.
  • Students will be able to purchase mats/props/towels online and collect at the studio.


  • All classes will be live streamed for students who would prefer to practice remotely and some classes will be recorded for our online library.
  • Filming will focus on the teacher, however, there are two mat spots, where the students will sometimes be in frame. These spots will be marked with a sticker. If you wish not to be on camera feel free to choose a different spot.
  • Teachers will verbally adjust and teach both in studio and online students