Reve Breathe Candle



Pine + Fir Needle + Eucalyptus

Uplifting and refreshing, this candle helps with mental fatigue and also makes you feel very relaxed as if you were surrounded by woodland.

Product information:

• All candles are hand-poured in London using a creamy blend of coconut and soy wax.

• Our natural vegetable wax is made from renewable resources and is sustainable. It also burns cleaner and much longer than paraffin.

• We only use pure essential oils, no perfume or fragrance, this naturally helps lift and enhance your mood.

• Wicks are made from unbleached cotton intertwined with a twisted thread of paper, no chemicals,  no bleach and no chlorine used.

• All candles are vegan and we do not test on animals.

• Approximate burn time: Small 120ml: 20-25 hours

£3.20 delivery or free in studio collection. 


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