In these sessions Christian will hold space for you to explore each month's theme, they will be held on the second-to-last or last Sunday of every month to allow you to tie up any loose ends and move with ease into the month ahead. Open your hearts and move toward your highest potential in a joyful way. Through Native American inspired ceremony, yoga flow, breathwork, meditation and group work you will be led into a deep and transformative state, leaving behind your busy mind and allowing your body to feel deeply nurtured and peaceful. 

This ceremony is about remembering our light and taking that remembering into our lives. We will provide all you need to relax, receive and expand. Everyone is welcome and no prior experience is necessary. Click on the link at the end of each month's description to book on.

It’s a good time to review what we’ve learned and how we’ve grown through the inevitable challenges life has presented in the last couple of years. 2020/21 was an unprecedented time, but it also showed proof of our resilience.  Expect hip-opening movement to release and let go of anything that we pent up over 2021. Grounding meditation & intention setting, and a refreshing and uplifting Native American Ceremony to leave you feeling revitalised and strong, stepping your best foot into 2022.   Click HERE to book

February – The Rhythm of Life  

Life has its ups & downs, ebbs & flows. Our Yoga practice is a tool to maintain grounding & consistency. In this Sunday Ceremony we will look at ways to step onto our mat no matter the state of circumstance we may be in. You can’t predict life’s happenings before you arrive at your mat. Today we will take that thought and allow it to guide the rhythm of our practice.  Click HERE to book

March – Maintaining serenity  

In March’s ceremony we’ll work to maintain calm, breathwork, and rooting movement. Cultivate the practices and the sensations that have kept our cool to start this year and see how we can extend these into everything life throws at us. Expect pranayama techniques & simple flows that you can use anytime, anywhere (even when sitting at your office chair).  Click HERE to book


April – A time of renewal & rebirth  

Spring is upon us and this beautiful time of year gives way for the birth of all things new. Expect fun sequencing, playful postures to explore and make way for learning new things. Children have a way of going into things confidently and so we invite you to find your inner child this month and touch into those untainted dreams and ways of being.  Click HERE to book


May – Nurture & Gratitude 

Mental health awareness week is a well established fixture in the May calendar. Nowadays we’re lucky enough to be able to speak more freely about it and the conversation around mental health has really opened up in recent years. This wasn’t always the case. We encourage you to nurture those around you and dedicate practice and send love to those who may need it. We also invite you to create a sense of gratitude over the month for the simpler moments, little pockets of joy that mother nature has gifted us with.  Click HERE to book


June – Embodied Strength  

If we’ve shown anything in the last two years it’s a strong sense of strength, to overcome some of the most surreal circumstances. In today’s Sunday Ceremony we will be tapping into that power and strength moving us toward the first day of summer on 21 June which also coincides with International Yoga Day. With the changing of seasons comes a fire and a heat that we will harness with the sun’s power in today’s practice. Expect challenging standing postures & balances and deep connection to your warriors.  Click HERE to book