Studio manager and yoga teacher Becs has been using The Yoga Kitchen for some time and has shared her thoughts on how this book can support your practice:

'I have always had such a great love for good, nourishing food (my dad was always adamant about eating for a good, strong heart!) so have always been on the look-out for inspirations that allowed me to stay on this path. I was lucky enough to have met Kim – who has been nothing short of an inspiration, as a naturopath, nutritionist and as a business owner. After meeting each other through our love of yoga, I had the joy of working with her at her first Retreat café in Fulham.  It was here I learnt an abundance of knowledge from Kim- her passion and love for high quality, fully flavoured and nutritious food was infectious and many days were spent sipping chai and relishing in her incredible cooking (chocolate beetroot cake was and always is my go to treat!)

I was so happy to hear she was taking her love and passion and bringing it to life with her first recipe book. It is full of colourful, nourishing and original recipes and her naturopathic and yogic knowledge makes this is a very unique book. It is split into 7 chapters, one for each of the chakras (Ground, Flow, Vitalise, Nurture, Strengthen, Calm and Pure) and it is through this Kimberly encourages the reader to eat based on how they feel and what their body craves.  Each chakra is linked to different emotions, organs and internal systems and this approach offers a refreshing reminder that our happiness and health is about choice and individual needs, along with the integration of the mind, body and energy. Kim guides you through the chakras and describes the energy flow for each one so that we can learn to balance our emotions with food.

A great book to have in the kitchen – and one that you will always use to explore new ways to approach a healthier outlook on preparing and enjoying nourishing food.'

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