From September 6 we are going to update our studio Covid protocols

  • Wearing a mask is no longer compulsory in the studio, but wearing them is always welcomed
  • We will increase our in studio capacity to 20 students per class / workshop
  • Teachers are now allowed to make physical adjustments, this is both their and your choice, you will find not all teachers will use physical adjustment as part of their teaching. We will be introducing "Adjustment Stones" which will be easily located in the studio for you to take with you into the studio and place on your mat should you be happy for the teacher to adjust you.
  • All props are available to use, we ask that you clean anything you use at the end of your class with the wipes provided
  • Mats are free for everyone on a monthly membership and £1 for all others students attending the studio. We still encourage and welcome you to bring your own mat.
  • You’re welcome to hang out in the studio reception before and after class and free tea and water are again available  

Safe practicing.