We are planning to restart our pregnancy yoga classes. If you would like to be kept informed of their re-start please email Nina@yogawestlondon.com

Here at Yoga West, we are committed to making yoga accessible for everybody. With this in mind we have reviewed and expanded our pregnancy offering and we are very excited to share this with you.

We currently have 2 pregnancy yoga classes:

Friday, 12:05-13:05 with Sascha Wyness

Sunday, 11:45-13:00 with Sascha Wyness

If you are within the first trimester of your pregnancy,  it is best for your safety and that of your child that you do not attend any classes until you have had your first scan and are safely into your second trimester.

Once you are in your second trimester, we welcome you to any of the pregnancy classes above. If you do not have an existing yoga practice and are new to yoga, we would recommend attending the pregnancy classes only as these will be the most suitable for you and your level of experience.

If you do have a regular yoga practice and would like to attend classes that are not only pregnancy, you will be happy to know that several of our slow flow classes are pregnancy friendly.

The following classes are now accessible and would be allocated on our timetable as pregnancy friendly:

  • Monday 17:30-18:30 - Slow Flow with Rebecca Poyurs
  • Tuesday 13:15-14:15 -Slow Flow with Jen Fleming
  • Tuesday 17:30-18:30 - Slow Flow with Sascha Wyness
  • Wednesday 9:30-10:45 - Slow Flow with Sascha Wyness
  • Thursday 12:05-13:05 - Slow Flow with Flo Lefebvre
  • Friday 16:45-18:00 - Slow Flow with Hermione Armitage

If you would like to attend these classes and are pregnant, please contact us in advance with a little information about yourself and your pregnancy. Please send us an email to info@yogaat.com, answering the following questions:

  • How far along are you in your pregnancy and are there any known complications?
  • Which pregnancy allocated class/es would you like to attend? (please indicate day, time and teacher)
  • What is your current level/experience of practicing yoga?

We hope these classes support your journey into motherhood. If you have any further queries about this pregnancy offering, please do not hesitate to contact us.