We are very excited about a new kids class at Yoga West and the re-start of several classes after the summer.

We have recently started a new kids yoga class. The class is for children from the age of 5 up to the age of 8 and will be taken by Sascha and Flo every Saturday from 2:45-3:30pm. For more info about the class please click here.

Mona will be taking on two more classes. From September 22 she will start a level 2 vinyasa class from 4-5:15pm on a Thursday and will also take over Christian's 5:30-6:30pm class on a Thursday too, which will become a slow flow class. Christian's study schedule for his second year of his masters in yoga means he can no longer take his Thursday class and we are looking for another slot for him to pick up. Mona has also recently taken over Becs' 6:45-7:45am class on a Tuesday.

We are re-starting pregnancy yoga on a Friday. Sascha will take over this class at a slightly later time of 12-1pm from next week.

Sascha is also starting a new 10:55-11:55 post-natal yoga class on a Friday from next week to replace our old Thursday afternoon class. The Wednesday post-natal class will also move to a 10:55 time slot from next week. Sascha will also be returning to her Wednesday classes from October.