The studio will re-open on July 27. Please read the blog below to understand what will happen to your pass as part of the re-opening.

  • Annual Passes. If you have continued to attend classes remotely we will add 2 months onto your annual pass. In effect you will have paid half price for the 4 months the studio has been closed. If you have not attended classes remotely we will add 4 months onto your annual pass. Annual passes will be set to restart for full access to physical and online classes from 27 July
  • Monthly memberships. All monthly memberships will be moved back to full membership. We moved monthly memberships to half rates from 20 March. To keep things simple we will move monthly memberships payments back to full rates from 20 July. Any monthly membership due before 20 July will be half rate and any monthly membership due after 20 July will be full rate. If you would like to stay on online only membership please let us know before your next payment is due.
  • 5/10/30 Class Passes. All classes passes with expiring after March 18 will be extended by 4 months
  • 30450. We can't make the lockdown disappear but your 30450 will be reset as if the time period from 18 March to 26 July didn't happen. I know it's a tempting thought!
  • 10/30 online Class Passes: If you want to swap your online class passes for physical class passes please let us know and we will give you one physical class for every two online classes.
  • Workshops: We'll go back to workshop bookings individually.