Local health and wellbeing expert and Yoga West Member, Yanni Webb, has recently launched her BodyTalkLondon.com website.  Fusing the the wisdom of eastern medicine with modern science, Yanni's BodyTalk works at the level of frequency to tune up your body's internal communication channels.  This can resolve conditions and symptoms and provide much needed mental clarity, whilst improving our ability to feel good.

Yanni says this is important now, more than ever.  The increased demands brought upon us by the radically changing times tax our health and sense of wellbeing.  BodyTalk helps to make us more adaptable, naturally. It's what we call being present. Just as the practice of yoga works deep into the physiology to dislodge, mobilise and release patterns that limit us so too does BodyTalk.  In fact it is a great support to the practice of yoga; the practice of union with the self.

As a long time member of Yoga West, Yanni explains “yoga helps me both in my clinical practice as well as in life. I’m grateful to Yoga West’s commitment to finding teachers who are inspirational, knowledgeable and committed to the practice of yoga. It makes turning up to class a no brainier!” BodyTalk sessions currently take place on Zoom or FaceTime.  To find out more about Yanni's BodyTalk and what you can expect from a session, please visit www.BodyTalkLondon.com.