Yoga West’s mentoring programme supports the professional and commercial development of recently qualified yoga teachers. The aim of the programme is to harness the teaching experience of our mentor (Christian Coelho) and the commercial experience of Yoga West to accelerate your development and help you avoid common mistakes. It offers you a well-structured support group harnessing the experience of fellow new teachers and helping you learn from each other’s successes and challenges. Each mentee will receive the following every quarter:

A one-hour one-on-one meeting with your mentor at Yoga West

A review of your teaching with your mentor while teaching a Yoga West community class (subject to trial)

A 90-minute meeting with your mentor and fellow mentees at Yoga West with a Introductory two-hour meeting and ceremony

A zoom meeting with your fellow mentees with guidance from your mentor

Email access to your mentor

Email access to James to advise on business and branding

Optional access to a three-hour new teacher workshop with your mentor

Mentoring costs £90 per month (75+VAT) or £100 per month (£83.33+VAT), which include a place at each three-hour new teacher workshop. This is paid on direct debit with a 3-month minimum commitment. Each group is limited to a maximum of 10 teachers.

To join the Yoga West mentoring programme click HERE

To join the Yoga West mentoring programme plus quarterly workshop click HERE


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