21st January - 10th February (Inclusive)
2022: A Year of PossibilityChange creates possibility and possibility creates the opportunity for growth and a fuller and more profound self-expression. Join the Yoga West community as we commit mind and body for 2022: A year of possibility.If the last 2 years taught us anything it taught us we can face up to a challenge and show great strength when we least expected it. Join us in a more enjoyable challenge as we commit to 21-days to see how yoga can impact our lives through, devotion and willingness. Change is scary and unsettling but uncertainty is the foundation of opportunity for both personal and professional growth and evolution. This approach is the genesis of this New Year challenge. We would love to support and guide you into a fresh New Year of possibility, giving you the opportunity to release pent up creativity, explore new ways of doing things and find balance in your day-to-day life.

These 21-days are about laying the foundations and creating the tools to take with you into the rest of the year and indeed the rest of your life. Join us as we explore the personal and professional opportunities of 2022: a year of possibility.

Included in the challenge is the following:

  • An elegant short book full of inspiring articles, recipes and class programmes.
  • Opening Ceremony with Christian Coelho
  • Full access to YW Studio, Livestream and Library Classes.
  • A carefully curated practice schedule for you to enjoy.
  • In-studio Star Chart, who doesn't love a gold star for their commitment!
  • £25 studio credit for taking 18 classes or more!


  • £25 for Members
  • £125 for challenge booking alone; 21 days access
  • OR sign up for a membership £92 with no extra challenge fee